Friday, May 27, 2005

Daddy is Back

Dear Readers, Daddy did not mean to run off and leave you with nothing to read for the last week and a half. He is sure you found something to pique your interest and keep you half-way entertained. (I understand some of you had to resort to drastic measures to alleviate the boredom!)

Poor you.

I was on the road for a few days for a little trip through the heartland, the bible belt, or as some like to call it, Hillbilly Country.
Yep, I packed up my heels, hair, high drama, and hairspray and took my act on the road again. Tulsa, OKC, and Little Rock, to be specific.

In any case, I am back. I had a wonderful "working vacation."
One of the best things about drag is that you can often take a trip that costs you almost nothing if you book a show or two while you are on the road.

In addition to dancing and carrying on in front of a bunch of strangers, I also took in the local flavor. In Little Rock, I enjoyed the Bill Clinton Presidential Library. It was amazing. I forgot how much he means to so many people, but I was reminded by the lines of people waiting to get in to see the library, the stories the people told while they were in line, and how many people cried while they were touring the museum.

It's gorgeous, and it has a ton of interesting "artifacts" from his presidency. If you are in to that sort of stuff (and I totally am..) I recommend checking it out.

Not as fun, but more important and moving was the Central High School Civil Rights Museum. Wow. It's amazing that so much hate, ignorance, and fear was allowed to reign so freely, so recently. More than that, it is amazing that so many people found the strength and resolve to make changes and do the right thing in the face of so much danger. WOW.

In OKC, I took in the Oklahoma City Memorial and Museum. I am embarrassed to tell you exactly HOW much I cried in front of strangers, here. The museum and memorial really are breathtaking. A testament to good overpowering evil, if ever there were one. I was especially proud to see the Arizona flag hung in a place of honor to thank the people of Arizona who came to the aid of the OKC people. There were many mentions of the people of Arizona through the exhibit. Evidently our National Guardsmen, our firefighters, and just everyday people packed up in great numbers to head out to help.

In Tulsa, I dodged tornado warnings, and watched American Idol before heading off to my gig there. I also got lost like 5 times in Tulsa.

Obviously, I did quite a bit of driving from city to city. Normally, I am a "hurry up and let's get there!" kind of person. But for some reason, I really enjoyed (relished, even!) the long drives. For sure, one of the reasons was the AMAZING radio station that I was able to tune in almost the entire time. It played nothing but classic country music.

Hank Williams Jr: Family Tradition
Jeanie C. Riley: Harper Valley PTA
Charlie Pride: Mountain of Love
Oak Ridge Boys: Elvira
Charlie Daniels: Devil Went Down To Georgia
Jerry Reed: When You're Hot, You're Hot
Kenny Rogers: Coward of the County (which made me cry for some reason..)
Loretta and Conway: You're the Reason Our Kids Are Ugly
Anne Murray: Snowbird
Barbara Mandrell: I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool
Statler Brothers: Flowers On The Wall
and the list goes on.

I was so happy hearing some of these songs!
Even though he is a total jerk and refuses to call or e-mail me, I totally thought of PJS and wished he could enjoy them with me.

Let me take a second to say hi and thank you to all of the people in OK and AR who were so awesome to me. I had the best time. THANK YOU!
(Especially Micah and "Drunk" Joe.) Woof.
Good time, good times.

Maybe next time, I will share a story about the underwear contest at The Park.
Or maybe not.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Here are some more pics from the 20th Annual Miss Gay Phoenix-America Pageant.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

From My Lips To Your Ears

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly,
Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, K-E-L-L-Y ...
Why? Because you're

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly,
(pause) Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly,
Kelly of mine!

The always fabulous and sometimes nice N8 took me to see Kelly Clarkson last night. She rocks my socks. I love almost everything about her. Her "Breakaway" cd has not been out of arm’s reach since Devina bought it for me at Thanksgiving. Angela made me a FABULOUS cd of rare, remixed, lost, and live recordings of Kelly. DJ Paul is always on the look out for new things Kelly -related just for me. So basically, I have just about everything you can get with her on it. (except crazy dance mixes, thank you- no.)

If she comes to your town do not miss that chance to see the rare and wonderful talent that is her. No dancers, no crazy costumes, no light shows, no video wall. Just a girl at a microphone. Absolutely one of the best live acts I have ever seen.

Even better than her big hits were the new arrangements she put on some of her other songs. (Not to mention the fantastic covers she did.) She sang with such power and such SKILL (are you listening Britney? You too, JLO.) that she blew everyone away.

She opened with "Since You Been Gone" and she went in to "GONE," and "Walk Away."

Then she went from rock goddess to soul supa’ star, giving a funky version of a few songs from her first cd. Highlights from that were "Thankful" and "Beautiful Disaster." She put together a "you had to be there" medley of "Take Another Piece of My Heart," "The Thrill Is Gone," and "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This.)

A few power ballads later, she said NO MORE SAD SONGS and resumed rocking it. Then she sang "A Moment Like This."

She took the super sweet, sugary, schlock that AI put out for her (which I totally love- a guilty pleasure if ever there were one.) and rocked the heck out of it. I lived!

Kelly was really something special. Despite her fantastic success, she seems to keep it all in check. She could have easily been any one of the hundreds of other girls that were there. She is literally the girl next door.

At one point it the show, she accepted a t-shirt from a a fan. It said "Good Things Come in Small Packages" she laughed, and said yeah, I guess I am pretty small. Then looked at her (fabulous) butt and said "Well mostly!"
Then, she put the shirt on, right there.

The best part is this…
As she sang "Breakaway," she pulled out her pen and started doing autographs from the stage. Despite being told to go back to my seat, I managed to get my program to her, get it signed, and get it back!

Set List:
Since U Been Gone
Walk Away
Just Missed the Train
What's Up Lonley?
The Trouble With Love Is
Cover Medley:
. Take Another Pieces of My Heart
. The Thrill Is Gone
. Sweet Dreams
Beautiful Disaster
Because of You
Where Is Your Heart?
Behind These Hazel Eyes
Miss Independent
A Moment Like This

Monday, May 16, 2005


Miss Gay Phoenix-America 2006

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

From My Lips To Your Ears

I have told you about some of my favorite things in other posts.

Last night, I was up late and caught an episode of the outrageously funny "Just Shoot Me."
It had me laughing out loud, and talking to myself and to the characters on the screen. (Seriously, at one point, to no one in particular, I said "Oh, Nina!")

It reminded me how much I enjoyed this show, and inspired me to share another "favorite thing."

For your consideration and enjoyment, I give you orphan, turned model, turned junkie, turned fashion editor, turned socialite, Nina Van Horn.

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Nina is the super glamorous fashionista at Blush Magazine.
She gave up a baby for adoption, single handedly broke up the Eagles, was briefly married to Robert Evans, starred in a soft-core "women in prison" movie, served as a gun moll for the SLA, and thinks that "Denial" is not just a river in England.

Played to hilarious perfection by Wendy Mallick, Nina could be seen every week on "Just Shoot Me" from 1997 until it was unceremoniously dumped in 2003. Wendy was so fantastic as Nina Van Horn, that she was twice nominated for an Emmy for her portrayal of the hard drinking, fast living, insecure, and gullible sex pot.

There are many quotes that stand out when I think of Nina, but one that always comes to mind is this:

(Blush Magazine publisher, Jack Gallo is desperate to find someone to play Santa at the company holiday party..)

Jack: "What about you, Nina? I know you love to have young boys bounce on your lap."

Nina: "Oh, no Jack. Really, I couldn’t.

Jack: "C’mon, Sure you can.

Nina: "No, the judge was very clear on that point.

Thank you, Wendy Mallick for the memories!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


You may or may not know that I wear glasses in my day to day life. I put them on when I get up and wear them until I go to sleep- sometimes even falling asleep with them on my face.

Back in the late 1980's, I tried to wear contacts. My mom took me for the test, the fitting, and to pick up my lenses. You may or may not know that I have a tendency to be a little dramatic and a lot stubborn. Well, back then, they would schedule a class with you and 5 others new lense wearers. They would teach you how to put in your seein' devices, how to remove your seein' devices, how to clean your seein' devices, and how to care for your seein' devices. Basically, you were not allowed to take your lenses home with you until you passed the class.

Of course, I had the WORST time sticking a foriegn object in my eye (though not my mouth, oddly enough,) and promplty refused to kow-tow to the demanding "optical technician's" demands that I "put them in, or you can't take them home."
Sassy and full of life at 16, I told them I would take them home if I wanted. My mom had already paid for them.

Cut to me NEVER, EVER, even once being able to get them in my eyes.

So- for my entire adult life, I have worn glasses. I told myself I liked them. I told myself I was a "glasses" person.

But, I never wore glasses while I was on stage. I could see people, but not their faces. To be honest, I kinda liked it that way.

So just recently, I decided to try contacts again. MUCH to my surprise (and delight) they are much easier to wear. To no one's genuine surprise, I have also learned that they are MUCH easier to wear when YOU have had to pay for them.

I have only performed a few times with them in, but the difference is amazing. It's different, being able to see the expressions of the people in the audience or crowd while I am performing.

Who know- I could be fooling myself, but I think my hotness factor went up when I took off the glasses, too.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

My Little Runaway. My Run, Run, Run, Run, Runaway.

I have never been married, so feel free to take my advice with a healthy dose of skepticism if you must. Still, I find myself duty-bound to share some insights on the madness that surrounds the "Runaway Bride."

It seems that boyfriend still wants to marry Jennifer Wilbanks. Well, duh. Of course you want to marry her. Have you stopped to wonder what she wants? (Hint: it’s not to marry you! She cut off her hair, gave back the ring, and took a Greyhound bus to get away from your ass.)

She gave back the ring!

What is the first thing this guy does when he sees her? He forces the ring back on her finger. Controlling much? "I'm not backing down," he said.

His family says she is still welcome to join the family.

I wonder what her family thinks about this?
Are they in any great rush to marry her off to this guy?

She must have some good p u s s y or maybe she gives the b l o w j o b of life

Certainly there must have been a better way to handle this without reporting one’s self kidnapped, involving inter-state search parties, or *gasp* cutting one’s own hair.

Because I think of myself as a solver of problems and healer of souls above all else, I come to you with a solution: read on, dolls!

Naturally, there are commemorative thongs, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and dog t-shirts to mark this event.

Why not?

Monday, May 02, 2005

Misty Water Colored Memories

Here are some photos from my fabulous trip back east.
No pics from the shows just yet, but this is me taking a romp in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Miss America fans will know that this is the first thing Miss America does after she is crowned.

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So, I could not pass up the chance to do the "Miss America Toe Dip." Hear me when I tell you that it was COLD.

We took a foot tour of downtown Hartford. It was so beautiful, even with the drizzle. This is me on the grounds of the Old State House.

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Finally, this is the photo I promised in a previous post. Big thanks to Troy for the photo. Stop in and say hi to Hedda. Tell her Barbra sent you.

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