Thursday, June 30, 2005

Will The Real Barbra Seville Please STAND UP?

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Last night was my comedy club debut. (And hopefully not my farewell.)

I have always incorporated stand up comedy in to my weekly shows, I have competed in pageants with my monologues ad routines, and I have even hosted the Out Far! Gay Comedy Festival.

I have been on stage in front of thousands, in front of hundreds, and even in front of tens.
Basically, few things get me nervous anymore (on stage.)

For some reason, I worried myself sick over this for the last week or so.

It was at The Comedy Spot in Scottsdale. A real comedy club, with a real brick wall, and a mic-stand.

And me.

In the spotlight.


No drag songs.

No dance moves.

Just me.

I have to confess, the minute I heard the applause, and felt the spotlight, it was over. I felt so in my element. So at home. So comfortable.
It was amazing. Truly an experience I won’t ever forget. Absolutely one of my all-time career highs.

Certainly a few jokes crashed and burned, other things that I did not think were as funny on paper, suddenly worked. I "improv"-ed a little (NOT IMPROVED as SPELLCHECK keeps trying to tell me!!!), interacted a little, but for the most part stayed with the routine that I wrote for the show.

After my sets, I sat and watched Slique Callihan do her thing.

Absolutely hysterical. I was blown away by her ease on stage, her ability to tell a story and paint such a vivid picture.
I stole some ideas learned a lot by watching her.

Look for pics on here and on my site very soon!

Monday, June 27, 2005

AT work in last night’s clothes.

That is me.

Sitting at work in the same clothes I wore last night. I had to RUSH to work with a resounding hang over, an upset stomach , and without benefit of a shower.

I am sure I smell of booze and smoke. My hair has a genuine (and, according to someone in the office, sexy) bed-head effect that I could not create if I had to. Rumpled, but not matted, dirty, but not greasy.

My weekend was quite eventful. I’m glad it’s over- and I am actually glad it’s Monday.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Richard's BDay- A Sevill-a-bration!

I wanted to share these cool rememberances of my birthday.

First, from Parley Joe

Next, it's greetings from The President of the United States (of love)

My day was great! Not how I had hoped to celebrate, (we won't go in to that, just now-) but full of friends, fun, cake, boys, and laughs.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'd Rather Be A Marriot, A Hampton Inn, or Even Motel 6!

I dissapointed myself by watching (in it’s entirety!!!) the debut of NBC’s "I Want To Be a Hilton."

I know I have bagged on reality shows, reality show contestants, and fame-whoring, in general in previous posts. But- "WOW!"

This show was tacky and offensive even by today’s standards.

The only bright spot of the show is Johnny.
Trust me, this photo does him no justice. He is positively STUD-TASTIC. If I watch next week, it will be with a bottle of "motion lotion" nearby.

Ennywho, Kathy Hilton, who seems to have done such a whiz-bang job raising Paris, has seen fit to "mentor" and coach twelve poor schmoes in the art of fine living.
So now living fine is an art?


Note to Kathy: How’s about you teach your
(((((***WARNING. Not Work-Place Appropriate!*****)))))))
horrible daughters some class and manners before you do extreme makeovers on other people’s kids?

To be fair, Kathy is probably the most likable character on the show. Maybe she really is trying to apologize for inflicting her repulsive brood on the American cultural landscape. Are they Catholic? Is this penance? Is she doing a Hail-Mary between commercials?

Unlike The Donald, Mrs. Hilton acts like she wants to see these kids win. She doesn’t seem to mock them or belittle them the way the narrator did, or the way the others in "New York’s Elite," like Billy Bush and Ted from "Queer Eye" seemed to do.

Note to NBC: Billy and Ted are "New York Elite?"
What happened, Kathy Griffin and Amber Frey were not available?

All of the usual stereotypes are accounted for: the loud African-American girl, the cowboy, the hillbilly, the beauty queen, and the gay guy.

Particularly cringe-worthy? Mrs. Hilton gives the last three contestants a final chance to speak for themselves so they can be added "to the list." (No one is "fired" here. They simply do not make "the list.")
Ann uses this opportunity to chirp to a horrified Mrs. Hilton, that ""Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this."
Insert awkward pause here.

I am not sure which was worse; her singing, or the self-satisfied look on her face after she completed the song.

In any case, I took a bullet for you, dear readers. There is no reason for you to watch this trash.

Next year, on the WB:
"I Want To Be a Lohan."

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Batman opened yesterday, and you can believe that my friends and I were among THE first to see it.

Even though I am not a comic book geek, I have been waiting for this movie since it was announced. I have always had a thing for Batman. I loved the 60's campy show as a little boy. I loved the movies in the 80's and 90's (except the one with Ahnuld..)
Basically, Batman has always captured my imagination.

This movie is not perfect, but it is pretty fantastic. Speaking of pretty, this movie is where I met my new boyfriend. He and I have been together for about 20 hours, now. Things seem to be going really well.


The movie takes a few minutes to get going (hence the FINALLY in my title.) But once it does, it is a good movie.

It almost makes you understand how a man could run around a city dressed like a bat. The story is fascinating, especially the parts about the the batsuit, the batcave, and all of the cooooool gadgets.

I have to admit that is was little bit hard for me to follow a few times. There are a lot of characters, a lot of bad guys, and a lot going on once it gets moving.

This movie is not for kids. It is too long, too dark, and too reliant on dialogue. Leave your damn kids at home. If you must bring the little darlings, don't sit behind adults- and PLEASE- take the little screamers, talkers, seat kickers, and cryers out of the theater THE VERY MOMENT they start acting up.

I did not pay $9.00 to listen to you comfort your kids, explain the movie to your kids, or discipline your kids.

Wow, that was a tangent, wasn't it?

Chris Bale really nails the Brice Wayne character. I like that he plays Bruce as a dic* to the muckety mucks of Gotham. I do not LOVE him in the Batsuit, but I think he could grow in to the part very easily.

There is most certainly a sequel on it's way. It looks he takes on the JOKER in the next film.

I will be among the first to see that one, too!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Pretty Drunk, Here.

I promised you some pics from the Margaret Cho concert.

This is Nathan and me with Bruce Daniels. Bruce is possibly one of the funniest people in the world. (especially after 8 Bud-Lights in the sun.)

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The always fabulous Margaret Cho took a photo with us and signed autographs for my friends and for a fundraiser auction.

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Nathan and I are both pretty toasty by this point.
- good times, good times.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

We Taught The World New Ways To Dream.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith was straight-up popcorn munching fun.
Even if the plot had sucked (it didn’t), even if the acting was lame (it was not), or even if it went on a little too long (it did), it would still be worth $9 to sit and look and Brad and Angelina for a little while.

It’s not like I have not seen them before, but WHOLEY COW. These two seem to get prettier as the days go by. They should have/ could have been silent movie stars. To paraphrase Norma Desmond: "They don’t need words they have faces."

The movie is typical summer movie fare, but it is also witty, sexy, cheeky, and smart.

Finally, I REALLY hope that Ms. Jolie did not steal Brad from Jennifer. And don’t give me guff about not being able to steal someone who is not looking to be stolen. I am not even in to girls, but I have a feeling that Angelina could get me to do things I don’t want to do.

Monday, June 13, 2005

************Barbra Bids Farewell To She-Lounge************

Almost a year ago, Angela Dodd and I put our heads together to start planning a new venture that would give us an opportunity to work together and create a new vision for drag in Phoenix.

e-lounge was gracious enough to host our new venture and we put our heads together and came up with the format, flavor, and style that became "she-lounge."

Gia, Angela, e-lounge, and I have definitely had our work cut out for us during this project. My participation and involvement with this show are among the proudest and most rewarding of the experiences I have had in my ten+ years in the business.

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to leave my position as co-host of our weekly show. I am able to do this with the support and good wishes of my friends at "she-lounge," and the understanding of the people involved.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have shared the stage with Angela, Gia, and many of Arizona’s finest entertainers week after week. The support of so many friends and fans made this adventure a memorable and worthwhile one.

This Sunday (June 19) will mark my final show as a cast member with e-lounge.

Thank you to everyone who made this such a great endeavor.


Thursday, June 09, 2005


Bare with me while I try to resize these photos.
Photobucket (normally a god-send) is being mean to me right now.

Grease Is The Word

Grease Is the Word.

I promised you all the dirt on my weekend adventures.
I am almost embarrassed to put them to print, because then I will have to look at my escapades from the last few days and realize what a party boy I was.

Que sera, sera.

I (wisely) spent Friday night at home, prepping for the weekend (and madly squeezing in some last minute curls and sit ups before the swimsuit contest..) and resting for the madness soon to follow.

After "helping" Jeff at his yard sale (if you can consider picking over the last remnants of his sale, help.) it was off to the Echo Magazine Pool Party. This was so much fun.

It was held in the beautiful and historic San Carlos Hotel.

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I have been to this hotel before, but this was the first time I have spent so much time there. And the first time to see it in the daylight. I wish I could find a better pic or link for you.

We had the festivities on the roof top pool. How cool is this?

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This hotel was one of the places where the rich and famous would stay while passing through Arizona in the good ole’ days. Presidents, movie stars, socialites. Really a neat place.

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Me and Erin flexing our stuff.

Echo has sponsored the pool party for the last 13 years, and it has raised over $85,000 for different charities and organizations in that time. So it’s good fun, for a good cause. This year’s recepients were Lesbian Cancer Project, and AGAPE Feeding Program.
I have hosted the madness for the last 5 years or so. BUT this year, I decided to enjoy the day and agreed to host if I could do so out of wig, heels, make-up, etc.

This is me:

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This year, we raised $17,000! And people are still calling and emailing to say how much fun they had.
A lot of times, no one ever has fun at these kinds of events. The gays can be an up-tight, judgmental lot, if you have not divined this, yet. But this was one of those parties where everyone just loosened up and had fun. The pretty boys, the party girls, the queens, the lesbos, the daddies, the dykes. And people actually swam.

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Other than Nathan throwing a tantrum when he was not called out as the winner of the contest, there was no drama - Oh wait. That was me. And I didn’t really throw a tantrum so much as throw back a beer.

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After the contest, we all cleaned up and went to see MARGARET CHO.
Holy Cow.

First of all.. the gays turned out in force to see/hear Ms. Cho. You could not swing a cat with out hitting queer up in the Dodge Theatre.

But back to Margaret.
She is absolutely one of the funniest, most offensive, and most daring comics I have ever seen. She is fearless up there. From touching on drag queens, the Reagan funeral, and George W. Bush, to impersonating BJORK, she really had the audience in her hand.

Nathan and I went to meet her before the show,(-Pic coming soon-) and she was pretty much personality-free. She must have been saving it for the stage, because she tore it up.
If you get the chance to see this show- GO.

And finally:
Happy Birthday to my best friend, Buddy.
Buddy is one of my favorite people in the world, he makes me laugh like no-"buddy" else, and is one of the nicest, bestest, honest-est, good-est, people in the whole wide world.

I hope your day is FABU!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Cheesecake, Anyone?

This is my friend, Antonio.
He is in a underwear model search/contest.
(AGAIN, with the contests!)

PLEASE go here and vote for him.

Plus while you are there you can drool over other hotties, too!

I'll have lots of grease for you tomorrow! My take on the swimsuit contest, the pool party, Jeff's yard sale, and the Margaret Cho concert.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

You Can Call Me Al


Barbie Doll.
Babsicle. (My new fave.)
Miss Seville.
Richard Seville.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'm A Little Bit Country... I'm A Little Bit Rock and/or Roll

Whilst shopping at Walgreens, I came across this cd:

Because of her hair and guitar, she captured my attention immediately.

See, I grew up on OLD country music. I love good, old-fashioned country music. Where the hair was big, the voices were distinctive, the songs were sad (or funny,) and the singers were either coal miner's daughters, battered wives, wife batterers, or drunks. THAT MAKES GOOD COUNTRY MUSIC. (Take that, Shania!)

Surprisingly, I had never even heard of Miss Melba Montgomery. After I researched her I learned of her interesting place in the history of country music.

If you are also a fan of (real) country music, I suggest that you pick up the cd by this group:

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Why Drag?

I love drag because it is my outlet for my creativity. I have numbers that I have been doing for 5, 6 years, but every now and then I will find something new in them.

I love drag because it has made me more confident and more at ease with myself.

I love drag because I get most of my nelli-ness out of my system. I certainly don’t think I am butch, but people often comment that they cannot believe that Richard and Barbra are the same people.

I love drag because I meet people I would NEVER have met otherwise.
(Like Bonnie and Charlene, seen here.)

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I love drag because through it, I have been able to reach people and touch people.

I love drag because sometimes I can literally TOUCH people.

I love drag because I love the look on someone’s face when they are being entertained. (And I mean this even as an audience member. I love watching one of my friends or co-workers work a room in to a frenzy.)

I love drag because there is a part of me that LOVES all the make up, jewelry, great shoes, and costumes. Other than looking like Liberace (who knew he was GAY?!) or Porter Wagoner, (seen below) there is no way to look nearly as fabulous in drag as out of drag.

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I love drag because it challenges me constantly. The Barbra Seville from two years ago, barely resembles the Barbra Seville of today.

I love drag because bartenders almost always wait on me first. I love drag because I hardly ever have to pay a cover, either.
(Honestly, I LOVE this perk more than most of the others!)