Monday, October 31, 2005

Sevillomatic: Now With 33% More BOO!

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Happy Halloween, dolls.


Friday, October 28, 2005

Memphis Pics

Michael, Paul, Richard, me, and Duane on Final Night at MGA06

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Goddess and friend Fonda LaFemme and me on Final Night at MGA06

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Chia, James, Angela, Josh, and me on Final Night at MGA06

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I just noticed that today is my blog's birthday.

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I had actually been keeping my UNBLEACHED Diary on the earlier incarnation of, but I launched this new official blog one year ago.
Funny how things change in a year.
Funny how some of them stay the same.

Can't say it has been a bad year, at all.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

From My Lips To Your Ears

Gay Comedy Night was last night.. and I worked with the UBER-HYSTERICAL Jen Kober. (www.KOBERCOMEDY.COM)

She was like a southern, raunchy Rosie O'Donnell. I laughed a lot, and learned a lot by watching her.


I have decided I want to do more things like the live stand-up comedy. Hosting events, special entertainment, gay conventions or gatherings. Any of that stuff would be interesting.
It is harder than a regular drag show- but easier, cause I only need one costume.
The good thing about comedy is that I could do it without drag, prolly.
I am not going to be able to drag forever.. and let's face it; I am not getting any younger.

Unlike a drag show, I have to go out and keep people entertained (or try to) all by myself. No music, no dancing. At one point I was very aware of the fact that there was no music behind me- no DJ to interact with, and no chance of wrapping it up early if it got bad. It kind of freaked me out when I realized everyone was staring at me.

Luckily, it never got bad.

The other wierd thing is that you have to go out... give it your all, take a bow and leave. I am used to some sort of a bow- some sort of words of encouragement- some idea of how I did. But the worst part is- you have to go chill out for an hour and come back and do it all over again- like it is the first time.

I wrote a whole new act for this show. I am hesitant to compare it or judge it against the first show I wrote, because the situations were soo different. I hardly knew anyone in this audience. This audience was 90% women. This audience was about 60% of what was there the first time I did it.

It is interesting because on the second show (we do two shows a night), some things went much better and got many more laughs than at the first show. I amnot sure if I told them better, or if the audience was feeling me more, or because I was on my 5th Bud-light by then.

I am proud of myself. I am a pretty bad bitch to be able to get up there and do that.

Sorry for abandoning my loyal readers (both of you..) but I have not felt too communicative lately. I was sick when I got home from Memphis. Then I had to work like a borrowed horse on top of that.

I will post some pix later. I will tell some stories, too.

Oh, and coming up in a week or two- I am hosting the entertainment at the LOBSTER FESTIVAL at Tempe Town Lake. I cannot even imagine what that will entail. (No pun intended- really.)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Who Will Take Her Place?

Rosa Parks died last night.

By definition, the very meaning of an ordinary hero.
An honest to goodness American Hero.

Proof that not only the good die young, she lived to be 92.

It is revolting to think that less than 20 years before I was born, Rosa Parks was being forced to give up a seat on a bus to a white passenger.

I have always admired her and the strides that pioneers like her made for all people.

What if she just got up and gave her seat?
I can't even imagine.

So who will take her place?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm Heading Out For Vacation!

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A real, honest to goodness vacation. (Though I doubt my friends and I will attempt this particular stunt..)
My first in like 10 years.

I have taken a few long weekends here and there.
I have taken a week off before.
But usually, a trip for me includes a few days in a dress and a few shows.

Not this time.
I am off from work, off from drag, and maybe even off from my blog, and e-mail.

Lot’s of stories and pics when I return.

Miss me!

(PS, I forgot to list Belinda Carlisle and Jane Wiedlin as celebrities I have met. Because I am so excited about my trip, I am not even mentioning that Belinda was a full-on B!TCH.)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

If There Is Something Cuter Than This, Then I Have Not Seen It.

I cannot wait to see this.

As if I did not want to see it badly enough, already- it turns out that AMY SEDARIS is doing one of the voices.

Friday, October 07, 2005

My Last Kelly Clarkson Blog For A While- I PROMISE!

"Love can be a many splendored thing"
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"The trouble with love is, it can tear you up inside"
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"But you can’t refuse the call, you’ve got no say at all"
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"What happened to Miss Independent"
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"Here’s the thing, we started out as friends"
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"All you’d ever hear me say.."
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"You had your chance you blew it"
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"Shut your mouth! I just can’t take it!"
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"I can breathe for the first time"
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"I’m so movin on"
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"Out of sight, out of mind"
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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

GOD, That's Good!

Because I am the nicest boy in the world, I am taking my mother to see "SWEENEY TODD" for her birthday.

Well, kind of.

Since I have well documented my love, admiration, and obsession for Patti LuPone, I will spare you those details. (By the way, I think that is the first time I have ever linked to my on blog.!)
But I promised myself that if Patti returned to Broadway in a singing role, I would do what ever I had to do in order to see her.

It was much easier to get tix than I expected. Since I am already taking a week’s vacation in October, I decided to put this trip off until December. Since my mom’s b-day is in December, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. So she is going with me.

I have already decided that I WILL meet Ms. LuPone.
She will probably find me terribly charming and insist that I go to Joe Allen’s with her, Matthew, and Joshua for an after-show nosh. I will play coy, and say that I need to get my mother home, but suggest that we meet for drinks later.

We will make plans to meet at a quaint little pub that locals adore. I will arrive exactly 1 minute after our agreed time (so as not to appear anxious) and she will be relieved to see me. I will thank her for years of enjoyment she has brought me (and my audiences), and she will thank me for the photo of me as Evita. We will exchange knowing glances as we think about what she was able to bring to the role (ambition and a voice), versus what I was able to bring to the role (just a little touch, just a little touch, just a little touch of star quality.)

She will invite me to join her for a weekend in Connecticut, but I will tell her that this night has already meant so much and been so great (for both of us) and that I will call her next time I come through town.

She will remind me that she has not even given me her number, and hastily scrawl it on a bar napkin. We will pose for a picture together, and then I will ask her if she will take another, this time, with my camera. We will hug, and I will trot off in to the snowy Christmas-ey, New York night.

Or maybe I will just cry when she comes out the stage door and stare at her until she offers to sign my program.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Overworked, Underloved (well, kinda..., and Lovin Every Minute of It!

Lots to cover, people!
So please pay attention, AND hold all questions to the end.



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It’s like a Gay Pride, but no politics. 2-day street fair with food, art, t-shirts, underwear, and GLBT clubs, groups, and business all over the place.
Despite the 100+ degree heat, I had such a great time. People were in great spirits, and the vibe pretty fabulous.
I hosted the entertainment in the "Sevillion Pavilion" from 12-7. UGH! My dogs were barking…
As usual, we closed the proceedings with the "Phoenix Phollies" drag show. This year was Amanda, Devina, Chia, Claudia, and me.
(PLEASE: If you have pics from the PHOLLIES, PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!!)
Truly extraordinary energy in that place. We had the opportunity to perform in from of at least two or three thousand people. Quite a rush.
(Naturally) I did my Kelly Clarkson stuff. It was really pretty cool. I felt like I was in concert. There were people rushing the stage- and they were holding out their hands so I would touch them. Pretty weird. And you KNOW I loved it. They even loved it when I poured the water all over myself (ala’ the VMA-s) during the crescendo of "Since U Been Gone"! One of my new top all-time performances.
That’s not to say it was one of my best- but it was one of the most memorable and fun performances I can remember.

I never made it more than a few yards away from the pavilion, but I heard it was the biggest and best event in a while.


Saturday was my sister’s wedding.
It was a nice enough ceremony, and we had as much family in town as I can ever remember. (Our family does not get together much- but a lot of people from my mom’s side showed up.)

I was really happy to see my sister married. She deserves all of the happiness and love in the world.
Per her request, I did my sisters hair and make-up. (HOW hard was it for me not to make her look like me.. or like Barbra Eden?????)
AND, I did the hair for the rest of the bridal party. NEVER AGAIN.
5 heads of hair in one day? It was a labor of love, but the key word there is LABOR.


Here she is:

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Shown here with Puss-Puss:

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With Puss-Puss and TAF*KACP (The Artist Formerly {* and perhaps in the future??} Known As Celia Putty.)

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Finally, me with the girl that everyone swears is the real-girl version of Barbra Seville.
You tell me:
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