Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Last night was Kelly Clarkson at CRICKET Pavillion.
The weather was little too hot, but not awful.

I will start with the best thing-
She sounds amazing. She is humble (it does not seem like an act...) She rocks out with her rock out. She jams out with her clam out.

She opened with ADDICTED, which is not an obvious choice, but set the tone for the show: lots of strong vocals, lots of guitars, and lots angst.

From there, she was off and running. Hazel Eyes was hot, GO was great (even if it is nothing more than product placement...) Her other new songs are awesome. And I predict her new cd (Due in the new year..) will have several hits.

MY FAVORITES: Beautiful Disaster, Since U Been Gone, SHELTER (a gorgeous song and gorgeous arrangement...), and WALK AWAY.

My complaints...
Sorry, but after winning 2 Grammys and selling millions of CDs, it is ok to be a little bit of a diva. I would have liked to have seen a little more production. Maybe not a troupe of Britney's dancers and all.. but some cool costumes. I love that she can entertain you with out all of the props, drama, and oversexed up antics... but a little something would be nice. This is her FOURTH tour! In some ways it looked like she was being put on the road with no money behind her.

This is so shallow, but girl has been eating good lately. She ain't missed no meals. I guess part of her charm is that she is so normal and girl next door... but DAMN! She looked so good in some of her recent videos. Maybe it is just me, but I like her TONED, TAN, and BLONDE.

I guess I am trying to make her more drag friendly (so I can do her in my show!)
Heh heh.

Her hair.
She looks like an American Idol CONTESTANT with her little brown bob. It is almost too cutesy for someone jamming with a band.

OK- enough complaining..

Here are the other highlights-
She dances around with no inhibition. She seems to be having the time of her life.
After seeing Madonna act like she was doing us all a favor by accepting $200 to perform for us, it was awesome to see someone really love what she was doing.

She did a great job of mixing it up: introducing a few newer songs, singing her fan favorites, and reinventing a few of her bigger hits.

It is clear this girl can SANG. She must have to stay silent when she is not on stage, because she HAS to be wearing out her voice, singing like that.

Finally- the best part: She outdid herself by setting up another stage in the CHEAP SEATS. For BREAKAWAY and SINCE U BEEN GONE, she ran through the audience, and did those songs for her fans in the back of the room.

It was awesome.

I took some pics, I will post them if any of them are decent.


Blogger AZInked said...

Babs, I got to stand right next to her as she walked by and got a smile and hand shake. She was so Amazing in concert. Love it. I know you have met her and she seems like the kind of person that would be so down to earth that she would just let loose on a one on one basis.


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