Friday, September 29, 2006


This is pretty sad:

ANYTIME a kid is sexually harrassed or abused is awful.

But it is made worse when it the predator is someone in authority, and it is even more offensive when it is someone that you trust.

This guy makes matters even worse: in addition to being a congressman, he also created the Congressional Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children.

Nice, huh?

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Because my fat ass is still not working a 9-5, I have been watching an obscene amount of television.
And kids, I sense the end of the world based simply on the horrifying behavior exhibited (and exhalted) by the "stars" of certain reality shows.

Whether it is the obnoxious behavior of the HOGAN family on Hulk Hogan's awful show, the REDONKULOUS displays of the whores on Flavor Flav's show, or the cloying, pandering antics of the skanks on HUGH HEFNER'S show.
I am not sure why these shows (I have only been able to stomach a few episodes) bring up such strong feelings. It seems like the ugliest habits, qualities, and attributes of the worst of us are put on display. It would not bother me so much if the venue was Dr.Phil, and these people were looking for help. But, no. These people are put on billboards and t-shirts, advertising campaigns are built around them, and I am sure a few of them will be able to cash in on their "talents" and move on to become a panelist on "The View" or star in some sort of Reality Star "All-Star" show.

Maybe it is envy, maybe it makes me uncomfortable because it makes me think of my bad behavior, or maybe I am just ashamed of these people since they are not smart enough to be ashamed. With the world looking so unfavorably upon America and Americans, I think we could do better than to have kids (and unfortunately ADULTS) looking up to these people, or trying to emulate the likes of these people

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

By Request:

Have not felt much like writing. I have blogged a few times on MYSPACE, and meant to link to here, but never got around to it. Not sure why.

But I wanted to let you know where I will be in the next few weeks in case you want to come see a show.

THIS THURSDAY- September 21 I will be at Miggee B's with Dotti and Topaz for SIMPLY WICKED. 9:30PM

THIS FRIDAY- September 22 I will be in Tucson with Lucinda Holliday for the Guys-n-Dolls Show. 10PM.

THIS SATURDAY- September 23 I will be in Tucson with Ajia Simone for her monthly review at Bumsteads 10PM.

THIS SUNDAY- September 24 I will be back home in Phoenix for the Aplollo's Softball Team Fundraiser 7PM. (THAT'S RIGHT, SEVEN!!!)

THURSDAY- September 28- come see the fun at Amsterdam's with Mya McKenzie and Barbra!

FRIDAY- Septemberr 29- Miggee B's, with Mikaila Kay and Barbra Seville.

Saturday- September 30- WILDCARD in CHANDLER with Mya McKenzie

PLEASE- drop in and say HI!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Here I Am

Hey Dolls-
I have been a busy little faggot these last couple of weeks.
Things are good, though.

Here is my new promo:

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