Sunday, October 01, 2006

All Drag- All The Time

I dragged all weekend.
Thursday was at Amsterdam, with Mya, Divinity, and Layla.
Amsterdam is the most unpredictable bar I have ever worked. Part of it is because people like to act cool there. Part of it is because a lot of the people that are ther are for the first time- or with a friend who dragged them there. And I swear, I think the biggest obstacle is the lay out of the bar. The people closest to the stage are all sitting on couches. So there LOW energy really dominates the room. People standing in the back seem to want to have fun- so if you focus your energy on them, you usually have more fun.
As I said, it is unpredictable, and this Thursday was great. Great energy, good tips, and just a good time overall. Plus, it was fun to key-key with the queens in the dressing room, and with Matt and Noah.

Friday was not so bad. It was Miggee's with Mikaila and Angela. It was my first time in the new dressing room. It is a little smaller than a postage stamp. Naturally, Angela brought 18 pieces of luggage. And since there were about 18 people in the bar, it worked out perfectly.

THANKFULLY, the people that were there were people who wanted to be there. So they made the night fun- and profitable. Yeay!
I got out of drag and went to my favorite bar, Homme. I love going there alone, because I talk to people. Well, that and becaause I can usually get Jeremy to flirt with me. (I heart him...)

Saturday was too much fun at Miggee's. I filled in for Devina- and had the best time with Ebony. We have not worked together in a while, and we always have fun. She never ceases to amaze me: she can charm almost any audience. It was a fun audience- and it was one of those shows where I felt totally in my element.

After the show, I went to breakfast with Markus, Michael, David, Adrian, Curly Sue, and Jose'. Even though I love performing or being in front of a large crowd, I usually do not enjoy going out with large groups of people because everyone gets too loud- and it is not fun. This is especially true at restaurants and B'day celebrations.
I like to have conversations, and not just exchange cliches, compliments, and bitchy comments when I am with my friends or with people who might be new friends. Despite the chaotic setting of a Denny's on a Saturday night at 2AM, I had a great time.
MGA is coming up- and I am not sure if I still want to go. There are lots of things on my mind, and I need to decide if I am up for it.


Blogger Actions and Consequences said...

This entry is such a drag to read

8:14 AM  
Blogger rockodawg said...

Saturdays show was another blazing example of your craft! Ebony's "old time" numbers along with the coverage of the "middle ages" by Veronica Chase and yourself gave the crowd a great blending of eras. Your energy level seemed to spike during the closing jingle numbers and the comic shtick with Veronica was a real hoot! Thanks for the laughs!!

5:31 PM  
Blogger Neek said...

PJS will be here by the end of the month...

10:37 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

You had a packed weekend it seems. I like reading it.
Keep blogging!!

This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News

10:05 PM  

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