Monday, November 20, 2006

Putting The HO in Holidays.

Season's Greetings!Happy Holidays!I am kicking off the holidays just as our founding fathers would have wanted (except I won't be stealing any land, slaughtering any people, or forcing my religous beliefs on anyone.)! If you have gotten all of your Christmas cards in the mail, done all of your shopping, and called your folks, then you are invited to come see The Barbra in action!

Tonight, Monday, November 20:
Nearly Nekkid Strippers at Charlie's10:00,
hosted by Barbra Seville

TOMORROW, Tuesday, November 21:
Gong Karaoke* at Burger Betty's9:30,
hosted by Barbra Seville
* proceeds to AGAPE Feeding Program

Wednesday, November 22:
Hee~Haw Hunnies at Charlie's9:45,
hosted by Claudia B
with Barbra Seville and Devina

TURKEY DAYThursday, November 23:
DIVAS at Amsterdam10:00,
hosted by Mya McKenzie
with Barbra Seville and Miklaila Kay

Friday, November 24:
Charlie's Thanksgiving Left-Overs Show!
It's our 6th annual "Day After Thanksgiving Show"
Charlie's- 3:00 (in the afternoon!!!!)
with Pussy LeHoot, Miss Ebony, Barbra Seville, and Claudia B

Saturday, November 25:
Regina's Dancing Dolls at Cruising 7th
10:30, hosted by Regina Gazelle
with Barbra Seville and Miss Ebony

Sunday, November 26:
Barbra Seville's "That Time of the Month"
Apollo's, 7PM
SPECIAL GUEST Tucson's Black Cat

***Coming Soon***

Friday, December 1
Miss Hippo Pageant
Club Hippo- Baltimore, MD

Saturday, December 2
Chez Est Holiday Spectacular
Chez Est- Hartford, CT

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bad Blogger

Sorry to be missing in action.

No excuse for it either, really.

I had a great time in Memphis for Miss Gay America. The odd thing was I met many people who read my blog. I forget that people I don't even know actually read it. (Though if I don't start writing more, that will probably not be the case....) I met up with some people I only see at Miss America, and I got to know some MGA friends even better. (Shout outs to "The Marylands.")

I traveled with Michael, and we had the best time together. I also had the pleasure of dressing Mikaila for the contest. It was actually a joy to get to know him a little better.

After MGA, I got some bad news, but no biggie, really.

Should I tell you about the incredibly sweet (and sexy) guy I met in Memphis? He was/is one of the nicest people I have met in a long time.

Naw, I will leave that out for now.

Since I am doing drag full time, I guess I should get to work on my website, my myspace, and my blog, so people can find me if they want to see me.

There is a lot going on this weekend.

Friday, November 3
Cruising 7th
11:00 PM with Devina

Saturday, November 4
Cruising 7th
11:00 PM with Regina Gazelle

Sunday, November 5
10:00 PM with Divinity.

Monday, November 6
Strip Contest
10:00 PM

Tuesday, November 7
See you at the polls!
****and then****
Gong Karaoke
Burger Betty's
9:30, proceeds to

Sunday, November 12
Pussy LeHoot and Friends

You can still catch me the 1st Monday of the month at Charlie's for their infamous UNDY MONDAY CONTEST.

I host, they strip, we stare.

I am at Burger Betty's for GONG KARAOKE every Tuesday.

They sing, they suck, I tease, you gong. Then we make lots of money for AGAPE Feeding Program.